Simon Hopkins Intruder Alarms

Your home is your castle, the place you rest your head and the safe haven for the family. Inviting any person including a tradesman into your home can be a worry. Can I trust them? Are they qualified? What happens if things go wrong?

We have found games, TV shows and games consoles to be ideal sources of home entertainment for a worked out body desiring to have some rest. Now think of this, you have just come from a tough days work only to find your home front door smashed and the TV gone together with the games consol. Such moments are never desired but we always let ourselves stand too close to such happenings.

Simon Hopkins Electrical Services presents a diversified array of security and fire services for your residential and commercial businesses. Nevertheless, we also provide approved NICEIC warranties (UKAS 118) for each installation enhancing electrical safety for your house hold items, family members, workmates and business premises.

Our equipment comes in different kinds both offering maximum alert security services when you are around and when you are away.

We have intruder alarms, fire alarms, CCTV and many more alert security devices.Our products and services are customised to guarantee your products, house and yourself safety. We have annual contracts to inspect our installations making sure they are optimally functioning together with remote alarm monitoring for alarm CCTV systems.

We offer two types of alarm systems, each designed in unique ways with a slight variation in the mode of operation, but delivering dependable performance services.


Whether you own a home or a business premises, you must ensure your family members, business items and households are safe.

Our wireless alarm systems are developed to offer quick response services putting you at the centre of focus and permitting you to track all your belongings and family members. Wireless installation is easy as it requires no wall crushing to fit in wires thus will require a few resources. Our customized systems come with indoor and outdoor detection units enabling you to access the system status from any mobile device or internet connection.

  • No need to drill walls floors to fit in wires.
  • Portable, expandable and are reliable.
  • Wireless alarm systems are more cost effective to retro fit than a wirred system.


Our wired alarm systems offer most related features to wireless systems. However, wired systems are most preferred for any new buildings under construction and complex multiple zone sites.

They have advanced features as opposed to wireless systems. With wired alarm systems, you receive text message responses, automatic dialling and live updates from the panel status by just calling. This is possible as they are linked to the internal fire alarms and attached onto remote connections.

Wired alarm systems have these benefits

  • Wired alarm systems offer high end functionality services and are easy to run with maybe an initial and maintenance contact cost that can be a bother.
  • It is a permanent source of security alarm services and ideal for new buildings.

We employ safe, reliable, polite and CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) Cleared engineers.