Simon Hopkins Electrical Services

is an innovative, ground floor franchise opportunity for ambitious electrical contractors and business owners seeking to start in the electrical service division or grow their existing service company and lead their marketplace by delivering to their customers a trustworthy electrician who will show up on time and work to exceed high quality and safety standards.



What can an owner accomplish as part of a Simon Hopkins Electrical Services franchise that he can not do on his own?


That depends on what they actually want as we all want different things. Franchising is a great way to short cut the trial by error method of running a business. It also allows the owners to maintain their freedom but still feel part of a bigger organization.

The franchise offers electrical contractors the opportunity to diversify their business so that they are not so reliant on a few large customers. In addition to the many tangible benefits of owning and managing a franchise you can with hard work and effort achieve the next level of prosperity and the independence that brings with it.


A great identity consists of a great name, logo and message. Simon Hopkins Electrical Services was started many years ago, in Lincolnshire and this is where our head office is based.
The company has an impeccable record for delivering fast, on-time service, accurate upfront pricing, delivering work to extremely high quality and safety standards as well as providing customers with an excellent customer experience.


We differentiate ourselves from all other electrical companies by our unique message to the marketplace –

We have built our existing business on providing high quality work that exceeds the usual professional and safety standards.

Do You Want To Dominate Your Local Market?

Every year, Us Brits spend billions of ££’s on electrical services, whether it is commercial or residential. Yet few national brands are recognized for consistently delivering quality electrical services and professionalism. If you are already in electric business, a Simon Hopkins Electrical Services franchise will provide:

  • A market dominating opportunity for you to be part of a national team, behind the Simon Hopkins Electrical Services brand
  • The tools, training, expertise, support and keys to operational excellence that you’ll need to be Number One your local marketplace

It’s a successful formula that starts with a simple process. We would love for you to contact us today and explore the possibilities and opportunities of owning a Simon Hopkins Electrical Services franchise.

Knowledge is power. Call or email our Franchise Development Representatives today to request more information and/or even a face to face meeting to discuss options available to you.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

We have built our existing business on providing high quality work that exceeds the usual professional and safety standards.

Our USP is presented in an easy and memorable fashion. Customers do not have to be exposed too many times to this message before they cannot forget it. This excellent service pledge and guarantee is unique in the industry and appeals to customers who place a high value on their time.

  • Guaranteed high quality service
  • Repairs and installations are presented in a straight forward manner
  • Are staff are trained, professional, courteous and highly-skilled technicians
  • You can trust us because we stand behind our brand



Simon Hopkins Electrical Services has developed a strategic business system that delivers initial start up and annual training modules that use recognized and reputable systems, standards and procedures to keep you and your employees on the cutting edge of service delivery. Some examples include:

  • On the job training which provides training from advisors and technicians within the industry.
  • Classroom based training to help you operate and market your business. This training is delivered by external professionals who are renowned experts in their particular field.
  • Top end operating manuals which will outline and guide you through the entire turnkey operation of running your business.
  • Annual Events provide opportunities to network and brainstorm with other franchisees through hands-on classes and business sessions.


You can buy a new area franchise from as little as £6,500 (plus VAT) per annum.

Simon Hopkins Electrical Services are looking to develop our franchise network in the following areas:

North West England

North Midlands

South Midlands

For more information please contact Jeana Bently at :