Solar Farm O&M (Operation and Maintenance) tasks:

Reaching the renewable targets set by the EU for 2020 the UK is currently experiencing a rapid increase of green energy sources with one leading industry being solar (PV). Incentivised by the UK government feed in tariffs solar PV panels are installed in mass quantities onto farm land.

Working for UK and European companies we operate around 150Mw of O&M contracts on solar farms ranging from HV (Up to 33Kv), communication (Cat5/6 fibre optic), DC and LV inspections, performance tests and ground work maintenance.

Class Room to IT suite:

A dated class room in need of a make over, installing 230v power, upgrade of data supplies (Cat6 and fibre optics) and bespoke work station design to incorporate new Apple Imac suite.

Certified By

Nic Eic
Domestic Installer