Retrofit of communication on solar PV site:

We undertook a retrofit of a solar farms communication system in Cornwall, the site was installed by three difference installers which resulted in three separate communication systems installed.

Electrician GranthamAll of the communication systems on site relied on a 3G setup which in the time that the system was live proved to be very unreliable with constant loss of data. We proposed a solution that would link all 3 stations on site via fibre optic cable to a central point in which a satellite internet connection was supplied. Using this proposal there would be a very reliable internet source to all data loggers on site.

On this retrofit we used our in house grounds work division to trench the site in preparation for laying the fibre optic cable. All Full CAT scan was undertaken using state of the art equipment which also plots the area scanned via GPS to unsure all cable buried is locatable for future work on site.

The mulit-mode fibre optic cable was spliced using fusion splicing to ensure the no loss occurs and the optimum connection is made. The fibre was then tested using OTDR equipment to certificate the cable and show is length of run and if any issues were present.

Once all of the above was completed we configured all the devices on site to work with the new system installed, this included setting up port forwarding on the static ip system to ensure the client can remotely log into all devices on site to monitor them.

Now the site is live with our retrofitted fibre optic our client now has a uninterrupted data stream supplying all data from site to their portal.

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