SHES Guard connects to your solar inverter and monitors its performance. When productivity drops or issues are detected, engineers are alerted immediately and can be deployed to carry out repairs straight away. SHES Guard monitoring is all done remotely, meaning your investments are protected wherever you are. It has already been deployed successfully on farms throughout the UK. Its saves time and money and safeguards your investment.

Solar Panels are a great way for farmers to make some extra income, reduce reliance on mains electricity and do their bit for the environment. But if you’re a farmer with solar panels, you have likely already experienced some problems. As with any sophisticated technology, things can and will go wrong. We expect this to happen at some point.

We see so many farmers with solar PV panels but cannot manage them because they don’t have the knowledge or backup from their installer. If you are farmer with a solar panel setup, this problem will sound all too familiar. But there is a solution.

When your solar panels cease functioning, it could be an inverter problem or DC string, or one of many other problems. When your installer is no longer able to diagnose the problem, you face a costly process of calling out engineers and paying for repairs. The SHES Guard monitors performance of your solar panels in real time and monitors for any problems and inefficiencies. It alerts when there is problem or error in any inverter, drop in production and much more.

Real Time Monitoring

The real benefit of SHES Guard is having an automated system to ensure proper functioning at all times. It is like having a qualified solar engineer on your premises, but without the huge cost. The system produces reports every 10 minutes, meaning that the downtime in case of technical problems is kept to a minimum.

Detecting Issues before they Arise

SHES Guard detects any dips in production and will even detect cooling issues with DC inverters. Inefficient or faulty cooling is a common problem that is detected by SHES before it turns into a problem. SHES Guard detects problems even down to DC cables, allowing you to prevent issues instead of reacting when it’s too late.

The SHES GUARD was installed and commissioned on a portfolio of poultry farms around the Midlands, the solar PV arrays were installed by a third party company with Danfoss FLX inverters with a total energy production of 470 Kwp.

In 2015, GWPadley Poultry Ltd made a considerable investment in Solar PV on a number of poultry farms. Shortly after full commissioning, it became apparent that this was not a simple plug in and produce solution to improving on farm electricity costs and financial performance. We were soon faced with a number of installation and operational issues that had to be addressed immediately.

“We contacted Simon Hopkins Electrical Services Ltd to provide an independent report on any defects and also to obtain advice for any further issues that could potentially arise in years to come.
Simon and his team could not have been more helpful, their engineers have very significant experience and technical resource to identify and help resolve any problems quickly and effectively, to limit lost generation. This is also when we were first introduced to the SHES Guard, a unique monitoring platform specifically designed to ensure maximum return on investment.

We have now migrated fully on to the SHES Guard remote monitoring system, which has added a new and very dynamic approach to identifying outages and potential performance issues at the earliest opportunity. The system generates error reports directly from each of our inverters which enables Simon Hopkins Electrical Services Ltd to respond accordingly and with a full knowledge of what to expect at arrival on site, saving time and limiting further costs associated with trying to identify a problem amongst a large array of panels, cables and inverters.

As a result, we are now very much more confident about the potential performance of our PV, this is directly attributable to the new SHES Guard system, having a comprehensive O&M Agreement in place, together with the technical support, resource and innovation of Simon Hopkins Electrical Services Ltd.”