Simon Hopkins Electrical Thermal Imaging Reports

We are fully certified and recognized engineers offering thermograph services. This techno-advanced testing tool is capable of seeing faults within switch boards and control panel that the naked eye cannot see.

It is the only detailed way to detect faults, loose connections, overloaded circuits, imbalanced loads and risky spots. This enhances switchboard and gear panels maintenance as a close eye can always be kept on them to identify faults, respond to them appropriately before it is too late and worse off. Each commercial/industrial business needs to incorporate this service and we are presenting it in a reliable and cost effective way.

Our thermal imaging surveys to our clients is cost effective, offers preventive maintenance services, deals with motor and pump bearing faults, motor winding problems, used for electrical troubleshooting and finally handles heat losses issues.

Thermal imaging simply works by the principle that once there is an electrical fault, heat is emitted as a byproduct of electrical resistance. Thermal imaging captures and records and displays the heat emitted thus help determine the exact location with a fault.

We are offering this predictive maintenance service to all our customers at reasonable prices.

We cover large companies, manufacturing, assembling plants, warehouses etc such companies with equipment using high voltage power need regular preventive maintenance. Contact to help you come up with a detailed comprehensive report concerning your electrical