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The London-Paris Charity Cycle Ride

Our company has long been associated with its willingness to support noble causes. In the past, we have organised and supported charity events such as the SpireCycle and The Kingfisher bike ride that was intended to raise funds for the construction of a sensory room in the Grantham’s Kingfisher Children’s Ward and The Save the Children’s Jumper Day to name but a few. These events have all turned out to be a success which always motivates us to go even the extra mile. We take pride in supporting local causes because that’s something that we are passionate about. We love to make people smile and we use it as our motivation.

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This year is no exception. We intend to continue to offer our endless support to the community to help them out the best way we know how. This year we are looking to sponsor a cycle ride from London to Paris, France. The event that’s organized by two local fathers supporting two different charities Scotty’s Little Soldiers and Team Rossi.

About Team Rossi

Team Rossi is dedicated website that seeks to help children with cancer. The site, which is run by Rossi a 5 year old kid under the guidance of his mother is designed to help kids with cancer who live around the Nottinghamshire and surrounding area. The website organizes a number of fundraising events that seek to give smiles to kids. You can make your donations through ”Go Fund Me” one of the safest and secure ways to donate through the website and make a difference to the life of a little one. Another way you can make a difference is by buying a wristband at just £2 and show your support for the charity. In addition to all these, Team Rossi also runs a number of fun and exciting events such as the London-Paris Charity Cycle Ride which raise money so as to help kids enjoy a better quality of life.

Rossi’s life took a dramatic turn in March 2014 at just 4 years old. Rossi had constant high temperatures and was sent for biopsy for a suspected infection. Terrible news came back that he had the rarest form of Leukaemia (Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.) Rossi is on the road to recovery and his end date of treatment is on the 21st May 2017. We wish Rossi all the best from Simon Hopkins Electrical Services Ltd! The aim for Team Rossi is to be able to treat not only Rossi but other local children in the Nottingham area to days out that there parents cannot afford because they’re too busy in looking after their child to be able to work. Not only does Team Rossi help out parents by taking the children out for trips, but the stress relief the kids have is unbelievable! Having serious illnesses for children can be daunting for them, and with their lives based around trips to the hospital and medication, a day out with other children can be such a wonderful event for them. Trips to Alton Towers, Lego Land, Wheelgate and simple trips to the cinema really do make the kids excited.

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About Scotty Little Soldier

Scotty Little Soldier is a charity that is dedicated to supporting any kid in Britain who has lost a parent whilst serving in the British Armed Forces. The charity seeks to provide relief to the bereaved children of up to 18 years who have suffered the loss of a parent serving in the British Armed Forces. Children are given all the support and guidance that is needed to help them manage the daily ups and downs that come with the loss of a parent. Even for kids with parents who lost their lives through illnesses are also eligible provided that they once served in the Forces.

Nikki and Lee have 2 children, Kai and Brooke, the loss of a love one was very upsetting for Nikki, however Kai and Brooke had lost their dad and it was soul destroying for them, the circumstances can be horrible. It wasn’t until 9 months late when on a family holiday that Nikki saw her son Kai, 5 at the time, laughed and smile for the first time since Corporal Scott’s death. Nikki realised that there must be so many other children who have lost their parents in the armed forces but hadn’t had that opportunity to smile again. This is why the Charity Scotty’s Little Soldiers was set up to help their children smile. The charity provides opportunities for children to smile once again, they offer holidays to Scotty Lodges, gifts at difficult times of the year, special experiences and an amazing Christmas party!

Not only does the charity provide fun and enjoyment for children, but the charity can also provide access to professional bereavement counselling and a range of grants to help with the children’s personal development. These grants can be weekly activities from swimming lessons, music clubs, after school clubs, right up to University tuition fees. The charity is known right across the country and helps hundreds of bereaved British Forces children across the UK, many of whom are still very young, and will need to rely on Scotty’s help for many years to come. We thank Nikki for all the hard work done in giving bereaved children the chance to smile once again!

I chose Scotty’s Little Soldiers as having served as a reservist for just short of 9 years I have known both mates who were injured and also some who paid the ultimate price and with having two daughters this charity really brings it home to you.

We are very proud to be associated with these two charities as one of their sponsors for the cycle ride. We intend to offer our support by providing vehicles to be used during the ride, clothing, camping breaks etc. Let’s join our hands together and support this noble cause that intends to improve the lives of children.

See the progress of the ride