In September 2016 Jeana, my Mum and a colleague of our business was diagnosed with the violent disease Glioblastoma. This is an incurable form of brain tumour with little to no research and development, Mum couldn’t just have one, she had two tumours that were grade 4 our lives were shattered over night.

With too many hospital trips and heart break Mum fought and fought the disease, if anyone had the pleasure of knowing her would agree she was a fighter and a strong woman. We saw the disease quickly take control of her and sadly she passed away February 2017 in St Barnabas Hospice in Grantham Hospital.

Mum was an inspiration to all of us not just at SHES but with all our suppliers and clients, she was a great character, full of life and always placed a smile on the faces of everyone that met her.

Mum also helped us organise many charity events for Grantham organisations including St Wulframs’s spire, Childrens Ward in Grantham Hospital. Now us as a family and company thought we would take her lead and raise funds for the research in to Glioblastoma and also St Barnabas Hospice where she spent her last days.

A young charity called ‘Headcase’ ( leads the way in Glioblastoma research raising funds to fund Professor Geoff Pilkington and his team at Portsmouth University looking into novel and unique approaches in prevention and alternative treatments.

Colin and the team at Headcase are also funding research at Trent University in Nottingham, just a few miles from where Mum was born.

My dad, brother, sister and wife along with our team at SHES are looking to organise a cycle event around Grantham and district on 18th May 2018 with some carrying on finishing at Paris rasing funds for more research and development with Headcase along with donations to St Barnabas Hospice in Grantham Hospital.

More details will follow please sign up to take part and sponsorship details etc.

We are looking forward to a great event making people smile as Mum always did!