Simon Hopkins Electrical PAT Testing

We Make PAT Testing Easy – No hidden costs, just our local company offering a local service

Running any business has it’s own stress and strains without thinking of what is required with regards PAT testing. How often does it need testing? How many items do I have? Our NICEIC approved PAT testing team can take care of all your needs, providing an excellent reliable service, a complete innovatory of your electrical equipment and even a reminder when the items require re testing all complying with the Electricity at Work Regulations.

Why Choose Simon Hopkins Electrical Services for PAT Testing?

Most engineers carry tests for few minutes and draw conclusions. Such are money oriented rather than service oriented. It is rather unconvincing for an engineer to perform more than 200 tests per day. You would worry if your car MOT only took 30 seconds and the mechanic was testing 200 cars a day. Bad PAT testers tend to concentrate more on getting paid than delivering a service.

With the increase in companies offering these services, the quality has depreciated rapidly. This is because these companies are profit aligned forgetting the core duty of service delivery.

Company bosses will increase revenue collection demands on their employees to hit certain targets. Making the employees render poor services to attain the set targets. This makes it hard for a client to receive quality services. Training is another factor leading to bad testing.

Some engineers may have poor training thus making the quality of their service fall below average. A PAT tester can be fast tracked trained within 1 hour and deemed competent. Bad testing also occurs when a PAT tester samples a few appliances, carries an inadequate visual examination on then and makes a conclusion about the rest of the appliances based on the sample tested.

Household personnel and some business people are unable to identify authentic PAT testers. This is because they know less about this service. Non-genuine engineers can pretend to play that role and perform a quick low quality check. Fuses are important components of many appliances. Thus they must be studied keenly to ensure they meet the electrical requirements.

The use of outdated testing equipment with no calibrations is hazardous. This may cheat on actual readings and pose a threat with continual use of such an appliance. Qualified PAT testing engineers need to examine plugs and cables to ensure they have protective sleeves on the neutral pin and the cables are correctly wired. Speedy PAT testers will ignore such a critical issue and rush their way up.

Bad testers usually hurriedly blind check appliances ignoring all the tests that must be carried out e.g. earth resistance test, insulation resistance test etc Bad PAT testers usually lack a comprehensive data base of all the test services he/she offers and may lack a Public Liability Insurance cover. This is unethical and illegal. Bad engineers leaving a test incomplete pose a threat to the lives of the appliances owners. All PAT testers must be keen and detailed in their testing or else they will have failed to provide credible services.

Simon Hopkins Electrical Services are NICEIC approved PAT Testers and are Electrical Engineers and ensure each appliance is safe, after all you wouldn’t want your child to use an unsafe appliance.

Our thermal imaging surveys to our clients is cost effective, offers preventive maintenance services, deals with motor and pump bearing faults, motor winding problems, used for electrical troubleshooting and finally handles heat losses issues.

Thermal imaging simply works by the principle that once there is an electrical fault, heat is emitted as a byproduct of electrical resistance. Thermal imaging captures and records and displays the heat emitted thus help determine the exact location with a fault.

We are offering this predictive maintenance service to all our customers at reasonable prices.

We cover large companies, manufacturing, assembling plants, warehouses etc such companies with equipment using high voltage power need regular preventive maintenance. Contact to help you come up with a detailed comprehensive report concerning your electrical