Biomass Installation

Working around the UK we install biomass control systems for agricultural and commercial sector. Our in house design team tailor and install control panels to supply each and every component within the installation.

Biomass boilers efficiently burn wood pellets, logs or any other organic materials to emit heat that can be used to power a central heating system, provide warmth to a room or better yet heat up a hot water system. The best thing about biomass boilers is that they have the ability to work independently meaning that at no point do they require to be supplied with energy. These systems are preferred throughout the world due to their efficiency and cost effectiveness.

How do they work?

Biomass boiler works in such a way that the boiler gets installed into your existing heating or water system. The installation should be done in a manner that it gives room for the stocking of the organic materials. The best point of installation would be in an outbuilding. The organic material is then fed into the system and allowed to burn. You can top up the materials once a week or set up an automatic refill system.

What are some of the benefits of biomass boilers?

There are numerous benefits associated with the use of biomass boilers besides just making you become more energy efficient. These benefits include:

Cost Savings

This is perhaps one of the best reasons as to why the use of biomass boilers should be encouraged. Employing the use of biomass boilers can significantly reduce the annual costs associated with heating. The cost of generating heat using oil, gas or even electricity is relatively expensive as compared to using logs, pellets or wood chips. Besides the financial incentive, the launching of Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) has also encouraged consumers to want to invest more in wood-fuelled systems.

Environmental benefits

Low carbon – organic materials in the likes of wood fuel do emit low carbon fuel that help us move towards a low carbon economy. Biomass ControlsBiomass fuel is commonly known to emit contemporary carbon into the environment. When wood is burnt, it releases contemporary carbon which is believed to have been recently taken up by the growing plants.

Sustainable woodlands– the fact that wood fuel comes from sustainable woodlands is a huge benefit that comes with the use of biomass boilers. As the demand for wood fuel increases, it is expected that there will be better management of woodlands leading to the protection of our wildlife and increase biodiversity.

Minimal pollutants –most of the modern biomass boilers are super-efficient in that they are known to release minimal levels of pollution. Some of them are even smokeless hence offering the highest level of efficiency and environmental pollution as compared to fossil fuel boilers.

Makes use of waste wood –biomass boilers that use a log or a chip based system are best suited to make the most out of waste wood.

With that said, it goes without saying that installing a biomass boiler system can go a long way in enhancing saving and becoming more energy efficient.
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