O&M (Operation and Maintenance)

The last 3 years have seen phenomenal growth in the installed solar generation capacity in the UK. Out of nowhere, the UK now boasts an installed capacity greater than 5GW and a place in the top ten global markets for solar PV, and Europe’s fastest growing solar industry. The benefits of this rise in solar pv installations include:

Economic benefits due to new jobs created in downstream services industries including component supply and labour.
Contributing to the green credentials of the UK and a cleaner environment for all.
Supporting the growth of small to medium enterprises specialising in solar energy.
Establishment of new energy suppliers as the size and numbers of solar pv generators increases.
Diversifying the UK energy portfolio and guarding against over-reliance on fossil fuels.

A continued investment in the solar pv industry and the number of large scale solar projects or solar farms is projected to have a positive impact overall electricity costs in the near future.

After three days of filming in our offices and on site our new operations video has been uploaded…

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Typical large scale solar farms are greater than 5MW in size and produce enough energy to power on average, 2,500 homes.

Our team of O&M (Operation and Maintenance) Electrical Engineers service renewable plants across the UK and throughout Europe.

Whether a wind or solar farm we embark on O&M projects to look after your investment.

Reaching the renewable targets set by the EU for 2020 the UK is currently experiencing a rapid increase of green energy sources with one leading industry being solar (PV).

Incentivised by the UK government feed in tariffs solar PV panels are installed in mass quantities onto farm land. Working for UK and European companies we operate around 150Mw of O&M contracts on solar farms ranging from HV (Up to 33Kv), control maintenance, monitor systems, high speed fiber optic, thermal imaging, DC/LV cabling testing and inspection among others.

We are your maintenance partner looking after any ECP and your investment during PAC, FAC and beyond. We have fast and correct diagnosis of problems minimises losses and pleases the owner.

Under electrical tests the standard sets out specific requirements for:

Earth continuity of array frame to earth and connection to main earthing terminal

Polarity of all DC cables

PV string open circuit voltage test

PV string short circuit current test

PV array insulation test

Operational test – PV string current

Functional test


We assist with PV investors

Secure spare part storage

12/7 rapid response service


Fully priced repairs

Mowing, grazing, strimming, hedge cutting & tree surgery

Key holder service

Routine inspection

Regular & irregular maintenance

Panel cleaning

Guided site visits

Our engineers have the experience and state of the art equipment at our disposal, we work to ensure that all service levels are met no matter the deadline.

DC Testing? We Have it covered:

How frequently should the installation be Inspected & Tested?

The Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE) give guidance for the “recommended” frequencies for the inspection & test of most electrical installations, with 3 & 5 years recommended for most commercial & industrial type premises.

Testing renewable plants we offer rolling 5 year contracts for your electrical inspection requirements.