Solar PV Car Ports

The PV Electroport by Simon Hopkins Electrical Services Renewables is set to transform the electric car industry. The technology is set to offer intelligent solutions and alternative to generating solar energy to power our electric cars.

Electroport provides alternatives to rooftop/ground mounted solar panels. The modular system is designed in such a way that it can be installedPV Car Port in any car park and help to generate solar energy which can then be used for on-site as well as a charging point for electric cars. Apart from just being durable and attractive, the technology plays a huge role in helping electric car owners harness the Sun’s energy even as they attempt to produce green power.

Types of Electroport Basically, there are two different types of Electroport: Electroport Z Designed as an attractive, single row solution, Electroport Z acts as a charging station that is ideally designed for plug in hybrid of fully electric cars. The technology can also be simply used as a perfect way of generating solar power. Benefits

The innovative solar powered car parking canopy is a creation of Infinite Energy and offers the following benefits to the user: Besides just being elegant, Electroport Z is durable and every effective. It can be installed in any car park to help generate green power to be used on-site. This ultimately helps to reduce energy bills and provide ideal charging points for electric cars.

It features a 2-bay curve module which are 5m wide to cover 2 bays. Despite this, they can be installed within a day without having a car park resurface.

The 15 panels provided by the 2-bay curve have the ability of generating 3.7kW at highest Feed in Tariff. You can also use 333W sunpower panels meaning that 5kWp can be installed per 2-bays.

You can include trickle and charging points There are plenty of options available in double row and single row Easy to install Promises ROI especially from the Feed in Tariffs.

The return is estimated at 9.5% and a payback period of just 10.5 years. Electroport Classic – this solar car parking technology is designed with a double row and takes on a cantilever design. It can cover 2 rows in blocks of 4. The technology offers cost effective and attractive solutions that are geared towards increasing your returns on investment.

In London, a 3.75kWp solar PV system has the ability of generating 3,100kWh per annum which is more than enough to drive a Nissan Leaf for over 13,000 miles.