SHES Guard Training For Edmundson Electrical

Training at offices on our SHES Guard system with Greentech – Edmunsons.

SHES Guard is a bespoke monitoring platform offered to solar plant owners which has been designed to observe the performance of solar panel systems remotely on a real time basis.

Our automated system ensures proper functioning at all times and maximises the return on your investment.

‘Our Engineers are highly skilled in the PV sector working on some of the largest and complex systems in the UK. Using our knowledge and experience our SHES Guard platform is a speedy and effective way to protect Solar PV investments’ Simon Hopkins – SHES Guard

An electrical check is carried out on the system looking through any defects AC / LV and DC cabling resulting in potential generation losses.

A full report is then offered with recommendations for more efficient generation and any potential issues that may arise in the future. Read More