The Benefits of Communication Setups on Renewable Energy Sites

Simon HopkinsAs renewable energy becomes more and more economical and accessible many businesses are now making the transition from the conventional energy sources. However, there are experts who still question the feasibility of scaling up some of the alternatives to renewable technologies. The best part about renewable energy is that it is derived from resources which can naturally be replenished. Unlike the other conventional energy sources, renewable energy resources tend to exist over a wide geographical area. The deployment of such energy has played a huge part in increasing energy security, economic benefits and climate change mitigation.

The framework for energy harvesting (EH) based wireless communications

With the expected introduction of wireless communication networks for powering transceivers, the future looks bright. Energy harvesting is most definitely expected to have abundant application. The fact that renewable energy is clean and cheap means that EH will offer a number of benefits when compared to the traditional energy supplies. A perfect example can be derived from cellular networks. In this case, solar panels and wind farms have been deployed to power base stations which as a result have ended up cutting down the energy bills and reducing the levels of carbon emissions into the environment.

The introduction of EH has also brought a number of challenges on the communication system design. The intermittent and random characteristic of renewable energy has brought a new kind of EH constraint in that the available energy at EH communication node is bounded by its accumulatively harvested energy at that time. This is totally different from the traditional communication systems that have fixed energy sources.

Renewable energy and how it relates to base load demand

It is only a matter of time before renewable energy sources can meet the mainstream electricity needs. The biggest challenge with renewable energy revolves around integrating them into the supply system. It remains that renewable energy sources cannot be controlled to provide direct or continuous base load power or even peak load power. If only these intermittent producers could be stored efficiently, then the supply of electricity would be great.

The benefits of communication setupsIMAG1052

Communication setups especially on renewable energy sites have been identified to be very beneficial. With them in place, they can do the following:

  • They help to monitor the level of the energy output from the renewable sites
  • The communication setups can also be used check on the revenue that is being generated by the energy sites
  • It helps to monitor and optimize the operations of the renewable energy system
  • It is ideal when it comes to cutting down on the costs that may be required for on-site maintenance
  • Protects investment by maximizing benefits