The Nissan Leaf – Our Experience!


Nissan Leaf: Our Experience

As a company we always thrive on being at the forefront new innovation and technology. The past year has seen us install over 100 Electric Car Chargers both domestic and commercial and with this decided to order a 100% electric car on a lease agreement. We chose the Nissan Leaf from our local dealership.leaf1

Our Engineers were excited regarding the innovation and welcomed the arrival of the EV and enjoyed both the working relationship of the dealership and the fun of a motor powered vehicle.

 It was the height of summer and the new EV would be the talk of our trade stands (with salesmen (in image)) and looked forward for the research and development that would be under taken.

October UK weather broke in and we began to see issues with the our innovation, we were dramatically loosing range driving at national speed limits when using the heater resulting in the EV been recovered a number of times. Even our office ladies were stuck with no power, heating waiting 2 hours for recovery to a local charging unit in the cold of nights.

Once reported to the local Nissan dealer it would take over 5 months to carry out test drives, one witnessed by us carried out by a local service technician resulting in the test being aborted within 15 minutes of driving the national speed limit as he feared we wouldn’t reach the dealership!

After more tests from Nissan local dealership advising no fault with the EV we are unable to be used for 20 mile ride on the motorway at national speed limit and sits unused and deemed unfit for purpose.

We were advised we can return the vehicle with the total nightmare costing us around £6000,00, the largest cold we have ever caught!

Did you know that the real world range for the Nissan Leaf is between 27 and 38 miles?   

The truth of the matter is that the Nissan Leaf falls short of expectation when it comes to the Leaf’s range. What this basically means is that you cannot drive more than 37.4 mile between two charges. In our tests if you choose to drive at national speed limits, the Nissan Leaf would only give you 40 miles when both the radio and heater are on. On the other hand if you choose to drive a lot faster, the 37.4 mile battery-kind range will be reduced to 30 miles (37.4*80%). Places with real temperatures will demand that you knock it down a further 10% to accommodate the heavy A/C which in turn takes the 30 mile down to 27 mile (30*90%). This becomes an issue in the winter!

How temperature affects Nissan Leaf’s real-world range

Temperature has a very significant impact on the range of a Nissan Leaf. However, the driver also holds a sway on how exactly big the impact should be. Results created from FleetCarma revealed that Nissan Leaf drivers experienced the best electric range when temperatures were between 60-75 °F (15-24 °C). If the car’s battery is made using Lithium-ion, the car tends to loose performance beyond that temperature zone.

In as much as high temperatures have been identified to be the predominant cause of capacity bar loss; there is a strong correlation existing between the miles driven in any given month to the rate of battery capacity loss. Form the starts, drivers who drove more than 1800 miles per month had a 2% per month capacity loss as compared to the drivers who only drove about 90 miles in a month who stood at 1% capacity loss.

 In our experience, lack of service, lack of distance however a great car in the summer!